Open tonnage fully maritime agency in all Egyptian Port & protecting agency

Shipping agency for all vessels tonnages and owner / charterers representative and protecting their interest by reversing disbursement account to the minimum possible as much we can.
Also protecting your company interest , solving problems ,securing a good control for statement of fact / time sheet.
Also we are agent for vessels in crossing Suez Canal, doing all arrangement concerning sign On/Off & spare parts clearance in transit against original invoices.

  Supply Department

El Moutaz Co. can supply all stores the vessel might need such as:

  Supply Fresh, Dry &Frozen Provision.

El Moutaz Marine Service Co. can supply your vessels with a huge range of quality products at competitive prices; our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat, fish fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources.

  Supply Deck & Engine Stores.

El Moutaz Marine Service Co.  have access to a full range of deck and engine stores and all ship chandlery lines all available at competitive prices with short lead times. Our range includes products from the ISSA stores catalogue, some items in our range includes but is not limited to.

  Supply Bonded Stores.

Imported Wine, Imported Beer, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cigars &   Alcohols.

  Cabin Stores.

Linen, Galley Supplies, Cleaning Products, Consumables, Toiletries, Dishware, Cutlery, Compactor Bags, Brush ware, Stationery, Phone Cards, Electrical Appliances 110/240v, Hand cleaners & floor coverings

  Electrical Stores Supplies.

Including Lamps, Batteries, Cable, Cable accessories, Insulation materials, Torches, Switches, Relays, Limit Switches, Domestic appliances, Fuses, Antenna accessories, Fans, Electric Motors, Heating elements, Watertight Fittings.

  Electronics & Charts Supplies.

Including Radars, Depth Sounders, Sonar's, Plotters, OPS, VHF, UHF Radios, GMDSS Radio Equipment, Fire control equipment, Fax machines, Photocopiers, Copier, Searchlights, British Admiralty charts, Nautical Publications, Navigation instruments, Sextants, Log books, Radio Signals, Tide charts, Routing charts, Pilots, Medical Reference Books, CRC Lectra clean & Code Flags.

  Construction Materials.

Cement, Sand, Aggregate, river stones, Steel bar, Steel sheet & pipe, Steel formed sections, Fasteners, brass, S/S, steel, galvanized, Welding equipment, Industrial gas, Insulation,  Silicones & jointing compounds, Aluminum tube & sheet, Perspex, Stainless Steel, Brass &  copper, Pipes - steel, brass, copper, rubber, Glass, laminated & safety & Fiberglass  supplies.

  Chemicals & Lubricants.

Grease, Cable Grease, ATE Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Diesel Oils, Antifreeze, Synthetic Oils, Recycled Oils & ATF, Degreaser; Synthetic ATE, Oil  Dispersants, Oil spill kits, Oil Sorb, CRC, WD40, Fish & Linseed Oils, Antifreeze, Pool &  Spa chemicals, Grease guns, Oil transfer pumps Air; 110/240v & Fuel Transfer Pumps Air, 110/240v.

  Medical Care.

First aid kits, Hospital supplies, Reference books & texts, Medical drugs, Stretchers, Anti-seasickness tablets, Medical oxygen and vitamins.

  Supply Fresh Water.
  Technical Department

Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Repairs.
Fire Fighting Apparatus.
El Moutaz Marine Service Co. have available a full range of SOLAS Firefighting equipment, Extinguishers, Axes, Fire suits, Nozzles, Hose, Helmets and boots, Fire blankets and IMO signage. 
We can arrange servicing of all Extinguishers, Co2 and halon fixed systems.

  Lifesaving Equipment.

Lifejackets, Immersion Suits, Rescue Boats, Life rafts, Life rings, Flares,  Air horns, Signal Lamps, Lifebuoy Lights, Barometers, Searchlights, Anti exposure suits, Line  throwers, Manoverboards,  Hydrostatic release units, Life raft servicing & Lifebuoy lights. / services station for inspection for all the above authorized from c/s' s

  Ship Repairs.

Shipwrights, Welders, Refrigeration mechanics, Electronics  technician, Electricians, Tank cleaners, Marine engineers, Compass adjusters, Grit & water blasters, Painters, Cleaners &  Net makers.

Chipping & Painting.
Motor Boat Services.  
Watchman (Security Guard). 
Rubbish (Garbage), Sludge ,Bilge Water Removal (Including Official Certificates For The Removal).