Suez Port

​Port ID Number (ISPS Code)
​Approval Date
​Time Zone
​GMT +2
​ISPS Code Source

​32ْ 34 / E
​29ْ 56 / N
Natural Characteristics
​Prevailing winds are the north and the north west winds.
​Water Density
​1.04 g./cm3
​Raining Season
​Tidal range and flow
​1.2 m. to 2.1 m.
Port Description


The port is located on the northern part of Suez Gulf on the southern gate of Suez Canal. it is bordered by animaginery line extending from Adabiya to Oyoun Muosa . It includes the northern coast until Suez Canal entrance.

Geographical Overview

Ibrahim Dock

Bordered by an imaginary line extending between the two breakwaters.

Petroleum Dock

Bordered by an imaginary line extending 140 degrees from the extremity of the eastern breakwater until thewestern breakwater.

Ataka Port

TThe boundaries of Ataka Port are delimited by the port breakwaters.The water out of the boundaries of Ibrahim Dock, Petroleum Dock, Ataka Port, Adabiya Port and New PetroleumBert is within the Suez Canal values.

Port Specifications
​Water Area
​158 km2 (158073000 m2) (Including Suez, Adabiya, and Petroleum Dock).
​Land Area
​0.3 km2 (314426 m2)
​Total Warehouses Area
​0.01 km2 (13976 m2)
​Total Yards Area
​0.01 km2
​Navigation channels length
​1000 m
​Navigation channels depth
​12 m
Maximum Capacity 3,5 million ton/year as follow:

3,5 million tons yearly
1.5 million Passenger yearly
Maximum Ship Received Vessels with draft 8 m and 145 m length
Working Hours :Throughout 24 hours (in 3 shifts)


Approach Area

Vessels usually berth at the dwelling area. Dredging of the fairway at new Sakhra port and the coastal cape hasrendered water depth consistent, estimated at 11.28 m. During tide, vessels up to 11.25 m. draft can approach theharbor during the flow taking the consideration that the draft not exceeding 12.19 m


Pilotage is compulsory, and it is monitored though radio (VHF – H/F) and electronic equipment (Radar Beacon).

Information about pilots
​Pilot Rank
​Number of Pilots
​Senior Pilot
​Second pilotage
​Third pilotage

Berths Information according to their types
​Berth Type
​Number of Berths
​Length (m.)
​Depth (m.)
From - To
​8.00 - 800
​Passenger / cargo
​7.50 - 7.50


Address: Suez Port, Port Tawfik – P.O. Box: 1
Telephone: (062) 3191119 - 3191125
Fax: (062) 3191125
Passengers Station: (062) 3191128